School Policies

Uniform Policy

The South Loop Elementary School uniform consists of navy blue uniform pants, shorts, capris, skirts or dresses to the knee and white shirts with or without a collar. Leggings, jeans and tank tops are NOT permitted. Only the South Loop Elementary School logo or motto will be permitted on shirts. No other logos, stripes, polka dots or markings are permitted.

Sweaters and sweatshirts may be white or navy blue. Outerwear (coats & jackets), tights, socks, shoes and hair accessories are at your discretion. Shoes should be appropriate for school activities, including recess. Flip flops & skate shoes are not permitted.

Generic uniforms are sold at stores such as Target, Sears, JC Penney, Children's Place and Land's End. Uniform items are also available thru our Resale Shop, which will be open periodically throughout the school year. Uniform items that feature our school mascot can be purchased from Land's End and the PRStore. See our Pride Wear page for ordering details.

If it is determined that a child is not complying with the dress code, parents will be called to bring the appropriate clothing. Extracurricular activities or privileges, such as after-school sports, may be revoked as a result of not wearing the required school uniform.

Exceptions to the Uniform Policy

The only exceptions to the uniform policy are:

Spirit Wear Fridays:  On Fridays,  your student may follow the regular uniform policy or wear a South Loop Way T-shirt, previous year Pride Wear shirt, or any other South Loop Elementary School Pride Wear shirt.

Picture Day:  School pictures are taken in the fall AND spring. Students do not have to wear their uniform on these days – they may dress up for their school pictures if they choose.

Sports Days:  Throughout the school year, South Loop Elementary School celebrates Chicago's sports teams by allowing students to wear the colors or shirts/jerseys of our sports teams (e.g., Bears, Bulls, Black hawks, White Sox, Cubs). These dates will be announced via the email blasts.

Gym Uniform

Your child will be assigned a particular day of the week for gym class. Gym uniforms are available for purchase at The required uniform is:

Gym Shirt: $6.00.

Gym Shorts or Sweatpants: $8.00-$14.00.

Shoes: Gym shoes are required on gym day in order to participate in the gym activities for the safety of your student and the maintenance of our facilities.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is most imperative to ensure successful and positive growth in school.  All children should be in attendance each that they are not ill.  Students returning to school after an absence must bring a written statement signed by the parent(s), explaining the reason for the absence. If an absence of two (2) or more days is anticipated, please contact the classroom teacher via email. CPS policy will be followed regarding contacting parents of children that have five (5) or more unexcused absences (absences without a parent note). An absence note due to a vacation is considered unexcused.

Note:  Five (5) clock hours of instruction are required for a full day of attendance.  A minimum of 2 1/2 hours of instruction is required for a half-day.  Students arriving after 9:45am or leaving before 2:45pm will be marked for a half-day of attendance.

Grading Policy

The South Loop Elementary School uses the following Grading Scale to report students' progress in grades 1st - 8th:

  • 100% - 90% = A
  • 89% - 80% = B
  • 79% - 70% = C
  • 69% - 60% =D
  • 59% or below = F

Report cards are issued at the end of every quarter, covering a period of approximately 45 school days.  The Chicago Board of Education has designated two days during the school year for parents to pick up grades and confer with their child's teacher.  A child must be in attendence 25 days of the marking period to be eligible to receive grades.

In addition, Student Progress Reports will be issued to students at the midpoint (5th week) of each quarter.  These reports should be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the homeroom teacher.  Parents can access grades and attendence online through the CPS ParentConnection.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not allowed on the school bus, school property or inside the school building. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in discipline according to the Student Code of Conduct. While cell phones have offered parents a direct link to their children, they can and have created problems. Cell phones often interfere with the instructional day and result in hurt feelings and disruption to the educational process.

School Fee

A $75.00 school fee is assessed for every student to cover instructional supplies, parent agenda (Kindergarten-8th) and student agenda books (3rd-8th only). This fee is due the first week of school and can be paid online or by cash, check or money order made payable to Friends and Family of South Loop. Please use this form to authorize a charge to your card and turn it into the Main Office, or pay your school fee online.


To receive parent email blasts from South Loop Elementary School, please complete the email blast form in the main office. Quarterly newsletters from the Principal, Assistant Principal, and monthly newsletters from the teachers are an additional form of communication. The Gifted Coordinator, Ancillary teachers and the Extended Day Program directors will distribute quarterly newsletters.

If there is ever a concern that needs addressing, contact your child's teacher first. If you feel the teacher cannot provide you with the assistance that is needed, contact a school administrator: Mr. Butler, Mrs. Lawrence, or Mrs. Brewer. If you are not satisfied with the information you receive from an administrator, schedule an appointment to meet with Principal Shelton.


Emailing your child's teacher is the best way to get in touch or schedule a conference. Please refer to the Teacher/Staff Directory for contact information. If you need to schedule a conference with your child's teacher, please give the teacher 24 hours notice in writing, and your teacher will confirm the date as soon as possible.

Parent Involvement

Parent volunteers are always needed. Go to our Volunteer page to learn about all of the available opportunities. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinators if you are interested in volunteering at

Birthday and Holiday Celebration Policy

In order to decrease emphasis on sweets and disruption to the school day, South Loop Elementary School has instituted a "no treats" policy for birthdays. If you would like to send something to school with your child to commemorate their birthday, please donate your child's favorite book to the classroom in lieu of food items.

South Loop Elementary School will have academic and creative projects throughout the year associated with certain secular holidays. These curriculum-based projects will be selected for their emphasis on the educational, cultural and creative value of a holiday. Projects are coordinated by the teachers and/or room parents and implemented at the discretion of the individual teachers. In order to preserve the academic environment of the school and decrease the emphasis on treats, South Loop Elementary School does not have holiday celebrations or parties for any holidays, including Halloween, April Fool's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Valentines Day, etc.


Parents may visit classrooms for conferences prior to 8:50 am (except Tuesdays) and after 3:07 pm with prior approval from your child's teacher or the administration (24 hour prior notice is requested). Enter the school through the Main Entrance, sign the visitor's log located at the security desk or main office and obtain a visitors pass before proceeding through the building.


For more School Policy Information, please refer to the Parent Handbook distributed to every student at the beginning of the school year.