The Leader In Me

The 7 Habits Tree

A leadership culture actively engages students in their own learning; even the youngest students set goals and track progress. All students become active participants in the direction of the school and many of the decisions that are made. The 7 Habits are the foundation of the leadership culture.


Habit 1 - Be Proactive - You're in Charge
Habit 2 - Begin with the End in Mind - Have a Plan
Habit 3 - Put First Things First - Work First, Then Play
Habit 4 - Think Win-Win - Everyone Can Win
Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood - Listen Before You Talk
Habit 6 - Synergize - Together is Better
Habit 7 - Sharpen the Saw - Balance Feels Best

A leadership culture reinforces every member’s capabilities. It encourages exploration, inquiry, technology infusion, project-based learning, and experimentation within a safe, secure environment. One of the foundational principals of this culture is for members to find their voice (their unique gifts and talents), and to help others find theirs. Once students find their voice, they are inspired and motivated. Inspired and motivated students are intrinsically motivated to do the right thing.  Our goal is to find the leader in every child!  Find out more about our school at


"We first make our habits,
and then our habits make us".
~Stephen R. Covey~