Art Supply List








Welcome Back!  In order to achieve student success and create a passion for learning it is necessary that we are prepared.  The following items are mandatory for art and must be brought to class on the day that your class is scheduled for art. Please store in a labeled shoe box size container that can remain in your child’s classroom and label all supplies.


GRADES Kdg - 3


  1. Two no. 2 pencils

  2. Plastic shoe box

  3. 24 colors set Crayons

  4. 7oz bottle  White school glue

  5. 4 Glue sticks

  6. 12 colors set Washable Markers

  7. 12 colors set Colored pencils (3rd grade only)

  8. Art Writing and Sketch journal

  9. Sakura Junior Artist 12 color Cray-Pas set

  10. 8 colors set watercolor paint set.


GRADES 4 – 8


  1. Pocket folder with loose-leaf paper

  2. Sketch pad

  3. 6 no.2 pencils,

  4. 2 black ultra-fine line markers

  5. 2 black fine line markers

  6. 1 Large art gum eraser

  7. 7 oz bottle White school Glue

  8. 4 Glue stick

  9. Plastic shoe box

  10. 24 colors set Colored pencils

  11. 12 colors set Washable Markers

  12. 16 colors set Oil Pastels

  13. 16 colors set Crayola Educational watercolor paint (sold by Sax School Specialty)

  14. Small plastic cup or plastic measuring cap from laundry detergent container,(clear cap from the large sprout containers.

  15. One roll of paper towels

  16. Disinfectant wipes

  17. Liquid hand soap.